Optional Pre-Workshop Class: Thursday Nov 9th

Egyptian Esoteric Acupuncture is a new paradigm of acupuncture system that was developed by Dr. Jay Chung, L.Ac. CHom. PhD.  This system is from the lengthy discussion on human energy systems and acupuncture meridians between Jay and a nonphysical entity named Atun-Re who lived in Egypt around the middle 1300s B.C.

Their conversations took place via “channeling” through a world-renowned trance channeler, Kevin Ryerson.

To learn more and to read the first few chapters of the book, click below. 

* Acupuncture beyond Traditional Chinese Medicine
Newly discovered esoteric and scientific application of acupuncture based on Egyptian cosmology
* Powerful acupuncture method that can help the patient easily and efficiently, due to its causal-based tissue regeneration effect on the quantum consciousness and the bio-molecular level.
* Physical healing, trauma healing, emotional release, tissue regeneration, stem cell effect
* Secret of the Triple Warmer, Sacred Geometry, the most efficient use of Qi 
* Acupuncture that works on the meridians, Nadis, Chakras, Bindu and Sushumna
* Heightened awareness, astral travel, trance state
* psychic development, deep meditation 
*Chakra balancing from the Root chakra to Transpersonal chakra
* Expansion of consciousness

Joshua Tree Workshop Details:
8 CEUs, CA category 1
Thursday November 9, 2023

Workshop attendees discounted price: $350
non-workshop attendees: $500

The information presented in this class builds off of the book, therefore it is highly recommended that you have read the book and implemented the basic protocols, so that you can easily follow along as you learn more advanced and detailed protocols that are not explained in the book.   

Topics covered:

  • A brief review of EEA system
  • Most efficient use of the meridian system (counterbalancing mechanism between the meridians)
  • How to use EEA combined with the counterbalancing mechanism between the meridians for common conditions 
  • Functions of acupuncture points along the metacarpal and metatarsal bones, etc.
  • EEA for musculoskeletal issues (this will benefit most of the practitioners greatly, this has never been disclosed anywhere in TCM materials)
  • Commonly used protocols combined with Sacred Geometry patterns
  • New expanded geometry patterns (if time permits)
  • Kalachakra mandala pattern (if time permits)

Jay Chung, LAc., CHom., PhD. is an experienced acupuncturist, herbalist, Applied Kinesiologist (ICAK), CranioSacral therapist (Upledger Inst.), a practitioner of Classical Homeopathy and vibrational medicine. He has studied Classical Homeopathy, Vithoulkas school of Homeopathy, Sankaran school of homeopathy, and Chinese, Korean, Japanese style of acupuncture, Neuro Acupuncture, Tong’s acupuncture, Taoist acupuncture, Five Element acupuncture, etc.

Dr. Jay also has studied and practiced Quantum radionic healing for 20 years. He holds a Master’s degree in TCM (DULA) and has a PhD in Integrative medicine (IQUIM). 

Since he received Egyptian Esoteric Acupuncture knowledge from Atun-Re, he practices and teaches this new paradigm of acupuncture in Newport Beach, California.